User Journey – Four Candles Shop

The Stakeholder Requirement
The Four Candles Shop is an established Brighton, UK based retail business with a vibrant stock line of colourful, unique and fashionable products. The current website has been live for a number of months and has a good range of products grouped into several website sections.

The stakeholders wish to move to the online market place by added e-commerce functionality to the live products. An easy user journey is required with a clear user goal for the online purchase of the shop’s products.

Four Candles Shop mobile viewThe purchasing system must be mobile friendly and orders must capture all the required informtion for the business to supply the ordered products within a specified time frame.

The Products
Currently the shop’s products are live and complete with professional photographs, clear descriptions and prices.

The products have a call to action (CTA) at the base of each product which details how to contact the shop and order the desired product by email or phone. Were this has had some success it is not a great booster of the shop’s sales.

Further interaction will need to be added for the user to start the purchasing journey, this can be achieved by adding in recognised e-commerce features for example a prominent “buy now” button which is styled with the Four Candles Branding. The new interactive features will replace the current contact CTA and so provide an improved user experience for the shop’s online audience.

Global website elements would be added to the website to establish and confirm the new e-commerce feature such as a “view basket” button and icon at the top right corner of the website window.

The Challenge and Solution
Four Candles Shop mobile wire frameAdding in e-commerce capability to the shop will a good project, we’ve started with wire frames of how the user interfaces (UI) will look for the products and the user task flow to purchase the products.

A focus on mobile views are important for the project as the stakeholders anticipate a large take up by the shop’s audience on mobile devices.

Using wire frames also gives us the flexiblity to user test the e-commerce solution with rapid prototyping to discover possible user pain points.

The refined task flow will lead to our prototype build for the shop’s new e-commerce solution which we’ll be please to deliver on time and to budget.

Four Candles Shop product page wire frameWe’re skilled and experienced with UI design and we work with our client’s to enhance and develop a range of websites.

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