Hilary May Gardens

Adur Design has just launched a new WordPress website for Sussex based Hilary May Gardens. This clean and clear WordPress website was designed based on an older website and built with a responsive design for multi device use.

This new website show cases the creative work of Hilary May and includes a responsive gallery for featured projects, client testimonials and a contact form for user interaction. New clients now have an improved user experience with Hilary’s new website, Hilary’s audience can now see how she works with her clients to transform their outdoor spaces.

If you have an older website that you would like re-designed and bought into a modern content management system like WordPress get in touch to find out more.

Visit Hilary May Gardens to view Hilary’s new website.

Bridget Thornborrow Yoga

Adur Design has just launched a new, custom built WordPress website for Bridget Thornborrow Yoga. This clean and clear responsive design website show cases Bridget’s yoga work and classes with information and contact form.

This WordPress website is optimised to be viewed on multiple mobile and tablet devices for ease of use and enhanced user experience. Ant Tyler’s Adur Design are proud to say that this project was completed on time and to budget with the minimum of fuss.

This website also features a design refresh and has allowed Bridget to refresh her web presence, Bridget can also login and edit her own page content.

If you would like to know more about this project or how we can help you with a new website just get in touch for a chat.

New Website: Unit 4 Yoga and Natural Health Centre, Brighton

Unit 4, Brighton

Ant Tyler’s Adur Design have launched a new WordPress website for Unit 4, Brighton. This website is clean and clean with responsive website design for mobile first use with multiple devices.

This website was built in WordPress to allow further development as the Unit 4 business grows, this site was also migrated to WordPress from an older website to allow ease of use on a modern website system. We also included a design re-fresh as part of this project to bring a modern look and feel to the new website.

The Unit 4 website features a yoga practitioners directory with profiles which can be edited and updated by the practitioners themselves. This website also provides information and details about the services offered and a timetable feature where future events can be added and edited by the practitioners to showcase and inform users of the centre.

Find out more about moving your website to WordPress or how to make your website mobile friendly call 07732 614914 for an informal chat. You can also get in touch via our contact page to make an enquiry.

Visit: Unit 4 Brighton

New UI Designs

Just continuing work on a UI (user interface) re-design for an established brand e-commerce website which is going well. Initial work has been carried out to adjust the header elements using custom Css coding and to clear up the footer area for the website.

The website’s page templates are now being addressed to improve the user experience through cleaner design. Work is now being carried out to the home page with the section landing pages and product pages edits to complete the project.

I’ll post up the case study here once the work is completed which will result in a refreshed website and an improved user experience.

If you would like help with your website’s UI design or user experience get in touch by calling 07732 614914 or use our contact page.

Ant Tyler

New WordPress Website for Pilates Yoga Movement

Adur Design has launched another WordPress website re-design and development project for London based Pilates Yoga Movement.

Pilates Yoga Movement London contacted us for a WordPress update and migration which included a re-designed and developed to include a responsive layout for mobile and tablet use and a contemporary design.

Ant Tyler designed and produced this WordPress website re-design project and bought a fresh look and feel to the PYM brand which hold yoga and pilates sessions in Kilburn and Clerkenwell, London. This website project was also completed to deadline and budget with clear communication throughout.

PYM LondonThe new PYM website is built on the flexible WordPress website platform which allows PYM staff to edit content and create blog posts to bring you the latest pilates and yoga news.

Find out more about WordPress web design and development by calling 07732 614914 or use the contact page to get in touch.

Ant Tyler Re-design

at-logoJust completed the design re-design and relaunch of atyler.co.uk.

A modern, clean and responsive WordPress theme was developed to bring this art/video/photography website up to date. I’m pleased with how it came together and I hope that you will enjoy the latest updates and creative projects that are featured on this image rich WordPress website.

Visit: atyler.co.uk

ATD Re-design Goes Live

ATD Web Design Refresh

The All Things Design website re-design has just been completed and launched. The brief was to refresh the style, look and feel of this WordPress website and bring in recent architectural design project work that ATD have recently completed.

The new home page is clean and clear featuring “before and after” images to display the design changes that ATD have bought to their client’s properties. This WordPress design refresh was carried out with the minimum of fuss and included routine WordPress maintenance as part of the website project.

If you would like to find out more or want to carry out a web design refresh just get in touch as we’re happy to help!

ATD Web Design Refresh

Website Re-design

Just working on a client’s website re-design project, this WordPress website was built by me over two years ago and it’s now time for a new look and feel. It’s a great design and technical challenge, which I enjoy, to deliver the signed off designs as a series of updates to a live website.

Using the WordPress child theme approach I’m adding in new features and functionality with a style update to refresh the website. WordPress is a great platform for developing client websites and taking the site in the direction they want to go in.

If you need a WordPress website design re-fresh just get in touch or call: 07732 614914 as we’re always happy to help!