Sequenced Art Show

The Sequenced Art Show opened last night with our private view, it was a good night and the video looked great on the screen.A good time was had by all!

The show came together really well and its a nice mix of digital art work. The exhibition runs until the 12th March to view the work in the gallery at the Brighton Media Centre in Middle St, Brighton.

Sequenced 13

The Sequenced 13 – Digital Media Arts show is now open in Brighton and running until the 8th July. Its been a great experience to take part in this exhibition and to show my video piece Alberic’s Scrapbook. Find out the latest and for visitor details visit: Sequenced 13 on Twitter.

Video Scrapbook

My latest video project is going well, I have shoot some of my first sequences that will go together to make the ‘scrapbook’ of video pieces. I’ll post some edits up to my video page once I have the rough cuts in a near finished state.

Sequenced Video Installation

Work is continuing on Ant Tyler’s latest video piece for the Sequenced collection of Digital Media Arts which is opening on the 29th June. The video installation will be using images influenced by myths and legends interlaced with dance and the sea.