Sequenced Art Show

The Sequenced Art Show opened last night with our private view, it was a good night and the video looked great on the screen.A good time was had by all!

The show came together really well and its a nice mix of digital art work. The exhibition runs until the 12th March to view the work in the gallery at the Brighton Media Centre in Middle St, Brighton.

Video Story Boards

I’m working on the story boards for my latest video art project, I enjoy the process of drawing out rough ideas for how the scenes will look. These ideas are building into a series of short films for my video installation project which will be opening in June. I’ll post on here when I have the project ideas further formulated over the next few months.

Chanctonbury Ring

There is a very old earth work in the South Downs National Park near to my home which has a few old legends and myths written about it. I’m planning to make a short film about one of them which will be based around the ring and used in my latest video project. It will be spooky and very creative!

Video in Snow

Was out earlier today shooting some video for my video art installation project. Last nights heavy snow fall looked really good in the afternoon light. I captured some good footage in a local wood which will work as filler footage between the short films.

Video Installation

I’ve started work on a new video installation plan, this is going to take place at the end of June in Brighton. I’ll post up more on the plan nearer the time, I have some ideas for short video pieces that I’m going to show.

Wood Dance Video

The third video from my dance video project is now online, follow this link to view > Wood Dance This has been a great project and I’m working with a musician to add a unique soundtrack to these videos which I will post up soon.

BWC – Beach City Wood

I’ve very nearly completed the final edit of my BWC – Beach City Wood dance/video project, I’m showing the piece tomorrow so it will be the final tweaks to the video this evening…

Video Editing

The Beach Wood City video/dance project is taking shape, I’m spending many hours in Premier Pro working on the footage. The rough cuts of the footage will be released soon, many thanks to the dancers who took part in this project!