Ant Tyler Re-design

at-logoJust completed the design re-design and relaunch of

A modern, clean and responsive WordPress theme was developed to bring this art/video/photography website up to date. I’m pleased with how it came together and I hope that you will enjoy the latest updates and creative projects that are featured on this image rich WordPress website.


Re-design Website Work

Looking at my next wordpress project which is I’m going to keep a similar look and feel but improve the slider and navigation for the site. I’m also going to add a blog for more ‘art based’ communications and posts. This site will be a hub for Sussex based art activities which Adur Design take part in or experience. It wil grow into a hub site eventually for Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and the surrounding areas art based projects.

Website Re-development

Looking at proofs for a new and updated version of The re-development will take place over the next few weeks and will feature latest websites, photography, digital art and media productions. I’m looking at new ways to present the layout for the website and I will post up here when its under way and completed.

Photo Show Preparation

I’ve mounted my photos for the show which opens tomorrow, it was quite pressured to get this completed with other work but I’m happy to get this show off the ground. I really like being part of a mixed media show and working with other artists. The show is on at the Phoenix Art Gallery from 24th and 25th Feb, pop in if you’re in Brighton.

Retrospective Images

I’m working on scans of photos that I have taken some time ago for a mixed media show. I now have my first batch printed and I’ve been working on the last batch today for the show. Its great to get these images scanned in and working on the digital images.

New Video Camera

Santa bought me a new pocket video camera, its a nice piece of kit and very portable. Its also waterproof so I can now begin shooting video whilst out in kayaks for an abstract body of work that I have ideas for. I’ve just been to Old Shoreham Fort which has just been renovated, I shot some video which I’ll post on here once I’ve reviewed and edited it.

Quotes for Design Work

I’ve just completed another quote for a client, this is re-devlopment work to an exsisting website. I did not build the site so I went in not knowing what the website was like. The process made me think of a few things I always try and do around quoting for work which I can pass on:

1. Dont feel obliged to quote over the phone, go away and think about the work and your price.

2. Gather the client’s requirements and stick to them, its ok to suggest alternative ways of completing the work and other options.

3. If the requirements or your solution are unclear go back to the client and ask questions to resolve this before submitting your quote.

4. Work out your price based on your per day or hourly rate, double check your allocated time against your price.

5. Submit your quote in good time, include an approximate time frame for when the work can be started.

6. Make sure that everything is clear to the client and that they understand your quote and what they are commissioning.

7. Follow up with your client in good time, if you didnt get the job try to get feedback for next time.

8. Good luck!

Bunker Abstract

Here is a close-up of a ww2 bunker that is close to my local beach, its quite a small bunker and has been left pretty much intact apart from the front being blocked up.

Abstract of ww2 bunker

The close-up makes a good abstract shape, this area is part of the entry doorway and I like the way the shadow falls on the and the angles created.