Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a popular topic in the web design world at the moment and the importance of having a responsive website has dramatically increased in importance this year. You may be surprised to hear what percentage of users are accessing your website on mobile devices but this is a trend that is only going to grow.

wordpress responsive web designWordPress were an early adopter of the “mobile first” approach and have been working that way with theme development for some time. So if your website is already built on WordPress and you are using a recent, modern theme your site is probably already “mobile friendly”. Without getting too technical a theme means a collection of files and images which give your website style, colour and images.

But why is a mobile friendly website important?

Well a user could really struggle to view an older website on a mobile device which will probably lead to them leaving to view a more viewable website and may never return to yours. Also Google have started to rank down sites that are not mobile friendly, this means that unless you are using a mobile friendly theme your website will appear lower in search results than more modern mobile friendly websites.

To clarify, mobile friendly means that your website can be viewed on mobile devices which include tablets and mobile phones. If your target audience will probably be using mobile devices to view websites then this will be an issue for you. You can find out really easily by submitting your website for a free review to Google, just follow this link to Google’s mobile friendly test and submit your websites address.

Regular website updates

It’s always a good idea to update your website both with content and design, all time spent on your site is time well spent. If you can login and edit your own page content your already a step ahead. If you are thinking of upgrading your website and would like some input just get in touch by calling 07732 614914 or use our contact page to get in touch with your questions.

Sequenced Art Show

The Sequenced Art Show opened last night with our private view, it was a good night and the video looked great on the screen.A good time was had by all!

The show came together really well and its a nice mix of digital art work. The exhibition runs until the 12th March to view the work in the gallery at the Brighton Media Centre in Middle St, Brighton.

Website Design Re-Fresh

I’m continuing work on another website design re-fresh, this brings a fresh look and feel to websites and it’s a fairly painless operation. Following a consultation a new design is produced based on any new branding or images that you would like to bring to your website.

Once completed the new design is applied to your existing website and a new look and feel is bought to your website!

We’ve recently completed a website re-fresh for Alan Hills, this is a WordPress website which we redesigned and developed using Css and images.

WordPress User Profiles

We’re currently developing a new website which has user registration as a client requirement. Member self editable profiles and an events calendar as just two features of this comprehensive website build.

As ever WordPress has taken on the challenge with ease and the project is going well, we’ll post up a link to the completed website soon.

Web Development

We’re proud to release the latest version of the Adur Design website, we hope that you will enjoy our latest design work which has been created in our favourite web development platform WordPress.

Click around and enjoy our site where you can read more about our online design and development skills.

Sequenced 13

The Sequenced 13 – Digital Media Arts show is now open in Brighton and running until the 8th July. Its been a great experience to take part in this exhibition and to show my video piece Alberic’s Scrapbook. Find out the latest and for visitor details visit: Sequenced 13 on Twitter.

Video Story Boards

I’m working on the story boards for my latest video art project, I enjoy the process of drawing out rough ideas for how the scenes will look. These ideas are building into a series of short films for my video installation project which will be opening in June. I’ll post on here when I have the project ideas further formulated over the next few months.

A Tyler Web Design Refresh

I’ve completed a design refresh for Creative Design Solutions this refresh is using a WordPress theme by automattic which I have adapted to suit the styling requirements. It brings this established website up to date and I’ve added a new blog feature for a latest news section.