Improving WordPress Load Speed

At Adur Design we’ve been working on improving page load speed on our latest WordPress website build. We’re using Sass/Scss to improve the speed that the web pages are styled with smaller, quicker loading files.

Faster page load speed improves our client’s user experience and makes for a more responsive website.

West Beach Lancing Goes Live

The latest Adur Design website has just gone live, visit West Beach to view this information and news portal for a residents association based in Lancing, West Sussex. This website was designed and built by Ant Tyler using WordPress to a custom web design and hand-coded xhtml, css and php.

Website Developments

I’ve just finished some cross-browser testing for the site, it performed well and I’m pleased with my WordPress build. I also have the favicon working now which looks good. I’m still working on the jQuery transitions for the home page slider, its probably going to mean dipping into the php files. Since going for this slider I have really had a good look at other slider plugins and may switch to another plugin if I dont get further down the line with this one.


Just working on the¬†jQuery Slider plugin that I’ve installed, should be going live soon. I’ll post on here when its ready to view.