Web Design Quotes

I wrote this a while ago but I thought that I’d revise it and re-post it here, I hope that it helps anyone who is pondering a quote for a client. Going through the quote process made me think of a few things I always try and do around quoting for web design work which I can pass on:

1. Dont feel obliged to quote over the phone, go away and think about the work, your input and also your price.

2. Gather the client’s requirements and stick to them, its ok to suggest alternative ways of completing the work and other options. Things usually change during the process but that’s the nature of the work, expect this and keep good, clear communication with your client throughout.

3. If the requirements or your solution are unclear go back to the client and ask questions to resolve this before submitting your quote.

4. Work out your price based on your day rate or hourly rate, double check your allocated time against your price. There are plenty of pointers online for calculating your day or hourly rate.

5. Submit your quote in good time, include an approximate time frame for when the work can be started and a proposed high level schedule of work.

6. Make sure that everything is clear to the client and that they understand your quote and what they are commissioning.

7. Follow up with your client in good time, if you didn’t get the work try to get feedback for next time.

8. Good luck out there!

Re-design Website Work

Looking at my next wordpress project which is atyler.co.uk I’m going to keep a similar look and feel but improve the slider and navigation for the site. I’m also going to add a blog for more ‘art based’ communications and posts. This site will be a hub for Sussex based art activities which Adur Design take part in or experience. It wil grow into a hub site eventually for Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and the surrounding areas art based projects.

Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce

I’ve just joined The Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Adur Design, looking forward to a networking meeting that I’m about to attend. Its good to get out there and talk about web design and development projects in a business context. I’ve been to a few of these before as a guest, I like talking to potential client face to face as it makes a change from emailing replies to web based questions.

Data is beautiful

Looking at ideas for my latest graphics project, there are some great data visualisations out there with a large variety of artistic input. I’ll be putting some data graphics up on this site when I have my ideas further down the creative process and ready to show.

Twitter Feeds

Just helped out a client with adding a Twitter feed to his blog, I love the idea of posting straight to my Twitter account from this blog so I’m going to configure mine to do the same. There are some good plugins out there that have the functionality that I require, I’ll post up on here, and by automatic post to Twitter, when I’ve completed the development.

Website Re-development

Looking at proofs for a new and updated version of atyler.co.uk The re-development will take place over the next few weeks and will feature latest websites, photography, digital art and media productions. I’m looking at new ways to present the layout for the website and I will post up here when its under way and completed.

Photo Show Preparation

I’ve mounted my photos for the show which opens tomorrow, it was quite pressured to get this completed with other work but I’m happy to get this show off the ground. I really like being part of a mixed media show and working with other artists. The show is on at the Phoenix Art Gallery from 24th and 25th Feb, pop in if you’re in Brighton.