Canal Art

Art on the Narrow Boats

I saw a fine example of a once working narrow boat that had been restored, the painting and art work was impressive.

Canal roses

The owner was really into the boat and its history, the barge was built in the 1930s and worked up to the 1960s transporting fuel oil.

The water jug below was once a functional item, enamel or whatever paint was available, was used to prevent rust and protect the steel.

Enameled water jug

Check out the detail, the castle could represent the one at Dudley which was a major hub for canal boat transport in the area.

There is a river Stour which runs through the area, this boat was also named the Stour.

Entrance to the cabin showing decorations

These photos are from the family area, this was an incredibly small space where officially two adults and two children where allowed to live on the boat. There could have been more children resident than the regulation two on this boat though, its hard to imagine.

The owner explained how the family would sleep with a series of fold down boards to convert the area into two main bed spaces divided by a curtain.

Inside the living quarters

The colour of the art work and the plates, oil lamp and other fittings gave the tiny cabin a kind of homely feeling.

Some of the interior paintings where original, again castles feature, the owner explained how damage to the art work could be touched up in the spare time by the resident family.