Happy & Creative 2017

Wishing all clients, customers, suppliers and followers a very happy new year. Adur Design is set for some exciting projects this year and we look forward to a great 2017. We welcome your input so just get in touch if you would like to talk WordPress web design/development, UI/UX design, photography/video or general digital creativeness!

Coombes Farm Website

The latest website launch by Adur Design has just gone live for Coombes Farm in Sussex. This clean and clear WordPress website replaces an older website that was in need of a design refresh. The new Coombes Farm website is mobile friendly using responsive web design for multi device use.

The website owners now have the capability to write and add their own blog posts for their latest updates and edit their own page content as required. Coombes Farm offer a working Sussex farm experience with tours and barn hire for weddings and festivals.

View more of our WordPress website projects on our web portfolio page.

User Experience Design (UXD)

ux user experience designUser Experience (UX) design is how users interact with your website, app or online product. How that experience plays out in the real world with the device being used to interact with your website is your user’s experience. Can your target audience find what they want on your website and if so is this process an intuitive, logical and an enjoyable experience?

Good UX Design
Good UX design will encourage users to stay and look around your website rather than leave quickly and probably never return. A good, positive user experience will leave a lasting impression with a user and help to retain a supportive user and future or existing customer.

Good UX design is seamless so that a user can find information quickly and carry out their intended task without any difficulty during their visit to your website. A good user experience also helps to build trust in your brand which encourages recommendation and loyalty. Good UX design makes life easy for your audience, they can find what they want on your website with clear navigation with a simple, intuitive task flow.

Your Target Audience
Knowing your users is important, this knowledge feeds into all areas of your website and the target audience’s experience. Assessing your audience is a key step in the UX design process, one approach is to create personas for who you are targeting for your products or service. Personas put a face to your audience and help with marketing by identifying what the target audience needs are and help to find out what will appeal to them.

A Little on Usability
Closely related to UX design is usability, this includes an evaluation on how accessible your website is to users and in particular your target audience. Usability is closely related to UX design and these two disciplines feed into each other with common ground. Having a good looking, slick and on brand website is important, very important, but if that website is not usable then your website is not fit for purpose.

This may sound harsh but what are you asking your audience to do? If you are using an e-commerce solution your conversion rates will show you the hard facts of how successful your UX design currently is. Not sure? Try the simple test below which should make you think of how your users feel.

A Simple Test
User testing is an important step in the UX design process, this information can tell you a lot about how your users interact with your website, app or products. So here is a simple test, put yourself in the position of a user and try to complete a task on your own website. Was that as easy and intuitive as you thought? How did you feel whilst performing that and more importantly how would a user feel?

I hope this has been useful and that I’ve helped to illustrate how UX design is important to your business, your website and your company. Helping your audience by providing accessible information and products will go a long way for all concerned. If you would like to know more about your user experience call 07732 614914 or use our contact page to get in touch get in touch.

New Website: Unit 4 Yoga and Natural Health Centre, Brighton

Unit 4, Brighton

Ant Tyler’s Adur Design have launched a new WordPress website for Unit 4, Brighton. This website is clean and clean with responsive website design for mobile first use with multiple devices.

This website was built in WordPress to allow further development as the Unit 4 business grows, this site was also migrated to WordPress from an older website to allow ease of use on a modern website system. We also included a design re-fresh as part of this project to bring a modern look and feel to the new website.

The Unit 4 website features a yoga practitioners directory with profiles which can be edited and updated by the practitioners themselves. This website also provides information and details about the services offered and a timetable feature where future events can be added and edited by the practitioners to showcase and inform users of the centre.

Find out more about moving your website to WordPress or how to make your website mobile friendly call 07732 614914 for an informal chat. You can also get in touch via our contact page to make an enquiry.

Visit: Unit 4 Brighton

Latest Launch: Pete Blackaby, Yoga Teacher


Adur Design have just launched a new WordPress website for Pete Blackaby a Brighton based Yoga Teacher. This clean and clean responsive website is built on mobile first technology for easy use on multiple mobile devices.

With clear client liaison we worked with Pete to gather requirements and build out a prototype website build which went on to develop a new website that meets his users needs. This WordPress website project was completed on time and to budget with jargon free support along the way.

Pete’s new website helps to show case his work and his latest book, users are also able to view and book yoga workshops online through this website. Pete is able to log in and edit his own content using the user friendly WordPress system to keep his website up to date with minimum fuss.

If you would like to know more about moving to WordPress or how to make your website mobile friendly call 07732 614914 for a no obligation quote. You can also visit our contact page for a more detailed enquiry.

Visit: Pete Blackaby

UX Design Project

WA_Chamber-logoJust starting the user experience work with the creation of personas for the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce website redevelopment. I’m developing personas for the target audience to identify user goals and to aid the design process and the website’s marketing.

We’ll be looking at the user journeys and how the user tasks flow for user interaction for example booking a networking event. This is a good project to be working on as it is a large migration with a wide range of users with very different requirements.

The new website is being built on the flexible WordPress platform which will help with flexibility and allow easy content updating by the chamber’s staff. I’ll post a link when this project is completed and released to live.

We’re also helping out with adapting an online booking system on a related website project to enable smooth booking of hot desk and meeting room space for business users in the Worthing area.

Ant Tyler

New UI Designs

Just continuing work on a UI (user interface) re-design for an established brand e-commerce website which is going well. Initial work has been carried out to adjust the header elements using custom Css coding and to clear up the footer area for the website.

The website’s page templates are now being addressed to improve the user experience through cleaner design. Work is now being carried out to the home page with the section landing pages and product pages edits to complete the project.

I’ll post up the case study here once the work is completed which will result in a refreshed website and an improved user experience.

If you would like help with your website’s UI design or user experience get in touch by calling 07732 614914 or use our contact page.

Ant Tyler

Four Candles Shop

Four Candles Shop WordPress Website
Four Candles Shop WordPress Website

The latest Adur Design website has just launched for Brighton based Four Candles Shop. This clean and clear mobile friendly website showcases the unique and colourful products for this individual boutique. This WordPress website was designed and built from scratch using original branding and launched to deadline by Adur Design.

The Four Candles Shop website can expand as the business grows as this website is built on the flexible WordPress platform which allows extra functionality and easy uploading of new stock and products. The Four Candles Shop website also features a custom email sign up function that allows visitors to sign up to read the latest news from the Four Candles Shop.

Read more about the Four Candles Shop WordPress website project on the web portfolio page. If you would like to know how we can help you get your business idea online and selling your products or if you need an e-commerce solution call us for an informal chat on 07732 614914 or get in touch via our contact page.


wordpress seoWe’re working on an organic SEO project for a new client, this work will help the client’s WordPress website be found amongst the competition. We’ll be adding in key words and search phrases to raise the site’s ranking and improve the site’s performance in the search engines.

This is quite detailed work and a very effective way of improving visits and ultimately conversions from your audience. Organic SEO, search engine optimisation, is also a great way to apply targeted data to your website without paying expensive monthly fees.

If you would like to find out how we can help you with your website call 07732 614914 or get in touch via our contact page.

PYM Training Website

PYM Training LondonThe latest Adur Design website has just launched for Pilates Yoga Movement (London). This clean, clear mobile friendly training website was designed and built from scratch using the PYM branding and launched to deadline and budget.

PYM Training supports students with their studies with a login feature for students to access course material. Other interactive features include a course calendar, document downloads, latest course news and contact form.

This training website was built on the flexible WordPress platform which allows this website to grow and to be customised further as the PYM course and business develops.

If you would like to know how we can help you with your latest web project don’t hesitate to call us for an informal chat on 07732 614914 or get in touch via our contact page.